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“The Youngest Generation” – Poetry

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The blood that runs throughout the land

United with the Soul,

The youngest generation rose

To fill their empty bowls.


The stone wall and the canon

Met them with a fearful ROAR!

They blew a kiss and whispered Love –

The canon was no more.


The stone wall raised its thorns

As they silently approached –

To them it was a gateway

And blossoming vines encroached.


Illness groping for the veins

That flow into the tide!

The Soul called to the youngest,

And they spread the blessing wide.


The Illness then retreated

And the Powers bide their time

Plans still moving forward

No apparent why or rhyme.


Impostors are these archons?

I have no doubt they know

The youngest generation,

That their hearts as pure as snow.


Poetry Copyright © 2018 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Written in honor of all First Nations. Inspired by the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Photo: photographer not listed. Appeared on Grassroots Global Justice Alliance .

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